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Digital photo imaging software

Digital photo imaging software

Great, so you’ve got everything sorted out. You’ve taken the holiday pictures of everyone and everything you wanted. You’ve got the best digital picture frame you can for your living room and a cheap, budget photo frame to put in the kitchen. (If you haven’t then nip over to Amazon’s digital photo frames sectiondigital photo imaging software  and buy one now!)

You look at the pictures on your computer before loading them up for the world to view on your Nix frame and discover things aren’t so great after all!! You need to remove the waiter’s hand from a picture, someones eyes look too red and it would be great if you could have put a spoof sea monster in the sea behind your mates.

What you need is some digital photo editing programs, the one you are probably most familiar with is Adobe Photoshopdigital photo editing programs

But there are others. There are all sorts of options out there for digital photo imaging software that you can use to make sure your pictures look just as you want them. Either enhanced or changed out of all recognition, it’s really your call.

Some of the high end software for manipulating photographs and pictures can be very expensive, but feature filled if that is what you need. There are also software programs at the more affordable end

The best place to get these photo and image editing software applications is somewhere like the world’s largest online retail shop, Amazon. A quick link is this one here.

Make sure that your pictures get the best touch up they can and you are in control of it. While it can take some time to get used to these software applications and get the best out of them the results are well worth it.

If you don’t want to do your own editing and touch up you can always hire someone to do it for you, have a look at sites like People per Hour.

Top 5 digital picture frames

Top 5 best selling digital picture frames of 2014

Everyone is abuzz with digital photo frames at the moment. They make great and very welcome gifts. All your friends and family want to keep and share their memories and happy times. What better way to do it than with a couple of digital picture frames? And what better way for you to show you are thinking of them?

Or you may want to just snaffle a couple for yourself! Regardless, here are the ones that are currently the absolute top sellers on Amazon:

Pix-Star FotoConnect XD 10.4" £££4.6
NIX 12 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame X12C£££4.2
eStarling WiFi Digital Photo Frame (8" Frame)££££2.0
Sony DPFA710B 7 Inch LCD Photo Frame££3.5

We have a detailed post about how to best choose your ideal digital photo frame here where we talk about what goes into a review. This is just what you would be considering when you review a frame too but hopefully we’ve added a few things that will give you an ‘Oh yeah!’ moment.

Don’t forget features such as cloud storage, or WiFi or any of the other great benefits you can get from a modern picture frame (electronic of course). Why display only the one picture when you can have multiple showing and the motion sensor option on some digital picture frames will change the pictures as people enter the room or move by.

With the WiFi you open up the possibility of being able to edit your album or add to it remotely. This means that your friends and family in far off lands also have the opportunity to do this. You can see what they are doing when they choose to share it and you don’t have to wait for snaps to arrive, or be developed, or downloaded and moved from one storage to another. You can just get them uploaded through a web interface.

I’m not coming down on moving from one storage medium to another though, that is also a great thing to be able to do. Take all your snaps from your memory card, USB stick or wherever and with a moments notice have them displayed in pride of place.

Samsung SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame Review

Samsung SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame Review

At the moment, Samsung delivers the best electronic picture frames to the market. You can see a lot of Samsung picture frames that are specifically designed to save your photos in the best possible frames. Samsung SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame holds a prominent place out of them. It can simply be defined as an 8 inch picture frame with a resolution of 800*600 frames. Even though this model does not have Wi-Fi b/g like its predecessor, you can easily load images through the USB memory slot or by using a SD/MS/MMC/XD card reader. Keep on reading this article to learn more about Samsung SPF-85H.

You can see how we rank frames by looking at our page about digital photo frame reviews.

Samsung SPF-85H is equipped with a wide range of interesting features. These features have played a major role behind its popularity. It has 1GB of internal storage space, which can be used to store few hundred photos with less hassle. The storage capacity is pretty impressive when compared to other wireless picture frames available in the market. Moreover, you have the ability to access Windows Live Cloud Storage Space and display photos directly from there. Or else, you can get access to the Samsung’s Frame Channel, which has over 400 channels. These channels have a good variety including sports, cartoons, news and many more. Therefore, any person who purchase this subscription is guaranteed to have a nice time.
Samsung SPF-85H is more than just a traditional picture frame. The extra functions of it includes a stereo speaker, which you cannot find in many other competitor devices. The internal rechargeable battery has a promising battery life to keep you away from hassle. The entire photo frame weighs just above 1.5lbs. Therefore, you can keep it anywhere you want. You can also find a security lock in this digital photo frame. However, you will have to purchase a cable lock separately.

Samsung SPF-85H comes with an 8” display. It has the potential to view images in a realistic way and keep you away from hassle. This display has a maximum resolution of 800*600 pixels and a brightness of 200. Moreover, its 300:1 contrast ratio has been able to impress customers with a better photo quality. The black colored bezel enhances the display view.

The Samsung SPF-85H digital photo frame can easily be controlled with the touch sensitive buttons that you can see on the screen bezel. Or else, you can use your computer to set the frames or use it like a secondary display. All the controls are provided to your fingertips and you don’t need to go through any unnecessary hassle when accessing them.

All these reasons make the Samsung SPF-85H as one of the best-selling digital photo frames in the market. It is marked at an affordable price and you can think of spending your money to buy a one without any hesitation. They offer a 1 year limited warranty period of labor as well as parts.

Nix Picture Frame X12c

Review of the Nix photo frame X12C
Nix X12C Digital picture frame

The Nix Picture Frame X12c is one of the top quality frames on the market. While there is other frames that may be of higher quality for the price it is one of the best models available and has several qualities which make it even more enticing.
First of all the 12” size means that the photos are large for easy viewing. Because it has a high quality display it is also easy to view from every angle of the room regardless of lighting and position.
There are several reasons to use the Nix and there are some cons as well. All in all though it is a very good digital picture frame and anyone who purchases it will be happy.
Below are a list of some of the pros and cons of the Nix.
First the Pros
Auto Sensory is Top Quality – The sensor will automatically turn on when you enter the room and is one of the most attractive features which also helps to conserve power.
High Resolution Images – The resolution is 800×600 which isn’t the highest of resolutions, but for the Nix works well and creates high quality and crystal clear images in most respects. A majority of reviews on the Nix 12’ have been very happy with the quality of the picture.
Large Frame Size of 12” – Very large frame means for easy viewing from anywhere no matter what angle or lighting.
Remote makes it Easy to Control – You can easily adjust aspects like contrast and saturation from anywhere as well as shuffle and look through pictures. There is a handy holder for the remote on the back of the frame as well meaning that you won’t have to worry about losing the remote anymore.
Over 10,000 Photos Can Be Uploaded – Massive storage means you will most likely never have to worry about running out of space and be able to upload all the pictures you currently have and many more.
Now for the Cons –
Colors Can Be Off – According to a few users the pictures don’t always convert well on the Nix, specifically the reds. They can tend to be blurry making the picture look funny.
No Color Balance Available – Unfortunately there is no option to adjust the color as there is for contrast. This means if the colors are off you are out of luck and there isn’t much that you can do.
Images May Need to Be Resized to Fit Properly – Many pictures may have to be resized several times on a computer before you figure out the proper dimensions that will allow them to properly show up on the Nix 12” screen.

Kodak Digital Photo Frame EasyShare P725

Kodak EasyShare P725


Kodak Digital Photo Frame EasyShare P725 is one of the best gifts you could give anyone. It is always such a delight to be able to go back to your photos and relive the memories. Kodak EasyShare P725 lets you do just that easily. Simply pop a memory card into the slot on this digital photo frame, and you will be able to look through the photos.


Kodak Digital Photo Frame EasyShare P725 features a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 800×600 pixels. Kodak’s patented Color Science Technology allows you to enjoy images that have sharper colors and more natural skin tones. No harsh contrasting colors, and skin tones that don’t look too sallow or too tan. This digital frame has a piano black finish, so it will fit right into most home decor.

Kodak Digital Photo Frame EasyShare P725  is shipped with a power supply with 1.6 feet of cord, an AC plug, and a manual.


The 512MB internal memory storage of the Kodak Digital Photo Frame EasyShare P725 allows you to store up to 4,000 photos – that’s a lot of memories for you. It’s also very easy to use. You can transfer images from your camera to this digital photo frame by inserting the memory card into its slot, and a slideshow will immediately appear. It is compatible with most memory card formats, including SDHC, SD, MMC, as well as USB. You can control how the images are shown – either in chronological order or in random. It’s really very easy to use and set up.


Even though the Kodak Digital Photo Frame EasyShare P725 looks like a tablet, don’t expect it to work like one. Photos are displayed in landscape mode on this digital photo frame and you can’t rotate the frame to rotate the portrait-oriented photos. In other words, you will end up having to look at portrait-oriented photos in a sideways position. The Kodak Digital Photo Frame EasyShare P725 also does not have a feature that allows you to view the photos as thumbnails. If you want to find a particular photo on the digital frame, you have to go through the whole batch one by one. This can be particularly inconvenient if you want to locate and show someone a certain photo.


 Overall if you need basic digital photo frame and most of your photos are landscape oriented, then the Kodak Digital Photo Frame EasyShare P725 is a good choice.

Nix Digital Photo Frame X08D

The Nix Digital Photo Frame takes away the hassle of having to turn your frame on and off. The built in motion sensor will turn itself on when it detects motion and then back off again when it does not sense motion. The motion sensor is extremely easy to set up. With just a switch of a button, you can set how long you would like the frame to remain on without sensing motion. You can choose increments ranging from 30 seconds to one hour. When the frame turn on, you can customize it to play a slideshow of photographs, a selection of videos, or music.

This frame, while not only extremely easy to operate, features a high resolution SVGA screen with LED backlighting. The Nix Digital Phot Frame will also play MPEG-4/.AVI video, JPEG photos, and MP3 music files.

If you physically rotate the frame, the auto rotate sensor will flip your photos 90 degrees allowing the screen to display horizontal or vertical photographs with ease.

This frame is best suited for individuals looking for a hassle free digital frame with optimal quality.

Features of the Nix digital photo frame X08D
• Motion Sensor allows the frame to automatically turn on and off
• High Quality IPS LED Backlit 800 x 600 pixels Hi Resolution Panel with LED Backlighting (4:3 ratio).
• Photo, Video (plays MP4 and AVI only), MP3 Music, Auto Rotate Sensor and Split Screen Image Option
• Full 1yr Warranty, Remote Control, Accepts SD/SDHC Cards, USB Stick / Thumb Drive. Windows PC Compatible only
• Brand Name: NIX
• Display Size: 8 inches
• Native Resolution: 800 x 600
• Aspect Ratio: 4:3
• Bluetooth support: N
• Display Resolution Maximum: 800 x 600


The Nix Digital Photo Frame X08D is a great starter digital frame. The set up was fairly easy and straightforward. I had it up and running within a few minutes. I am impressed with the sharpness of the pictures. The quality is very good and the frame is easily able to handle variations in picture resolution and size as well. The motion sensor feature is very responsive.

I would prefer to have my photos downloaded to an internal drive in the frame. Instead, I am stuck depending on an external thumb drive. The frame is made from a cheap plastic material. Also, the kickstand is very flimsy.
• The screen has good clarity
• Ability to play videos and MP3s
• Supports SD Card, Micro SD ,USD
• Ear phone jack


• No internal memory
• Made of cheap plastic
• Kickstand is flimsy

Kitvision Digital Photo Frame 7 inch

The Kitvision Digital Photo Frame – 7 inch size

Buy now from Amazon here

Experience the ultimate way of reliving and sharing your most cherished memories with the Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame! Slideshow photos and view still images by inserting a USB or supported memory card into the frame. View your favorite pictures anytime, anywhere! The 7” digital photo frame is totally portable, lightweight and self-sufficient, so you don’t need a laptop or computer just to access it. It can be placed wherever you wish to view your pictures. All you have to do is to plug it into a socket and an instant slideshow will be presented to you and your loved ones.
Made from a durable and lightweight plastic finish, the Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame comes in various colors to pick from. Featuring a 7” LCD screen (TFT active matrix) that provides bright, clear results, the photo frame supports JPEG images up to 10 megapixels.

Product Features

• 480 x 234 resolution
• 7” LCD screen (TFT active matrix)
• Depth: 30mm
• Width: 230mm
• Height: 165mm
• Supports JPEG files
• Display mode: Slideshow
• Supports MS/MMC/SD memory cards


Built-in Memory
Store around 8 to 10 photos on the frame’s built-in memory of 8MB. You can also save photos from your family or friend’s memory card. While viewing the photos, follow the menu in order to save the images to the frame’s internal memory. For future viewing, just access the internal memory from the main menu.
Designed to make it simple and flexible for the user, the Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame features a rotatable bracket that lets you set the frame in portrait or landscape standing. If you have a combination of landscape and portrait images, you can optimize and rotate the actual photos during the slideshow.
The 7” digital photo frame is compatible with various memory cards and input devices. Supported memory cards include SD (Secure Digital Card), Memory Stick Cards and MMC (MultiMedia Card).
Just insert the USB drive or memory into the right slot, turn on the frame’s power and your pictures will appear and automatically begin to show on a slideshow! The digital photo frame has easily accessible control buttons that let you adjust or pause the slideshow. A simple menu is available to help you adjust the display of the photos.
Photo Options
Save photos to the frame’s internal memory. Choose No or Yes by using the right and left buttons and press the pause/play button to verify your decision.
You can zoom into your photos x8, x2 and x4. Changing the photo’s orientation is also possible. Have you taken a photo in portrait style, but the frame’s set up is landscape? All you have to do is to rotate the photo to easily view it on the screen.
The Slideshow Effect offers options to change the transition between photos during the slideshow. Some of the transitions include Jalousie, Split Vertical In, Radiation, Split Horizontal In, Fade, Split Vertical Out, Surround and Split Horizontal Out. You can also pick Random to experience various effects.
See the original image or view stretched or cropped photos. The latter option enhances the appearance of images that don’t fit the photo frame’s aspect ratio. You can also adjust the color and contrast of images or delete files. Choose how fast you want the slideshow to show the photos. You can also restore the factory defaults at once or change the display text. Languages covered by the frame include English, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch and German.
Since it is basic, it does not randomize the files, so you have to randomize the files on your own and rewrite the files names so that it would play as you wanted. The power cord is also a little short.
The Kitvision 7 inch Digital Photo Frame comes with a few drawbacks, but its benefits surely outweigh these flaws. With the options it offers and the clarity of images it displays, the 7” Digital Photo Frame is definitely a valuable investment.