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January DPF Give Away – £50 in total


Digital Picture is giving away £50 worth of Amazon UK vouchers with multiple entries you can make (think multiple lines on your lottery ticket), multiple chances to win by entering every day for five days.
January DPF Giveaway

Don’t forget you can get more bang for your buck by using either Amazon’s money off vouchers or daily deals found at:

Money off vouchers

Daily Deals


Congratulations to Emma Howard for winning Mondays’ £10 voucher. Happy spending.
Congratulations to Joshua Ford for winning Tuesday’s £10 voucher. Nice one.
Hats off to Theresa Wakeley for getting the Wednesday voucher, spend well!
Well done Joanne Darnell on the penultimate (there’s a good word!) voucher. Enjoy.
And our final winner is Stacey Turner, enjoy the voucher and thanks!


Guide to entering Gleam competitions

SuperLuckyMe has published a nice guide to entering competitions here
Competitions UK at
Listed On Loquax

Buy Picture Frames the easy way

You want to get hold of  your picture frames and have it as painless for your pocket as possible?

A couple of things you could do:

You might find you can save money with Amazon Deal of the Day assuming the frame you want is on a deal that day, if not bound to be something that grabs your attention 🙂

Amazon Money off vouchers

Both those could add more power to your potential winnings from the competition. Good luck, good hunting for bargains!