The best digital photo frame under 50


Right, so you have decided a digital picture frame is right for you or for a gift and you are wisely looking for the best value for your money. Specifically you want the best digital photo frame under 50 that you can get.

The table below lists some of the more popular digital photo frames at the budget end of the scale.


KitVision 7 inch
SD/MMC/MS Memory Cards

7" digital photo frame
Analogue panel screen (resolution 320 x 234)
Compatible with JPEG file format
Supports SD/MMC/MS memory Cards
Slide show display mode


NIX 8 Inch
Motion Sensor
IPS LED Backlit 800 x 600
Remote Control
Accepts SD/SDHC Cards
USB Stick / Thumb Drive
Split Screen Image Option

Koolertron 8 Inch

8" LCD panel LED backlight
Multi OSD language support
Automatic slide show playback
Built-in electronic calendar, clock and alarm
Full function remote control,Built in speaker 2x1w

7" LCD corner to corner.
Multiple Photo transition effects
Resolution: 480 x 234, accepts photos as large as 12mp
Supplied with AV lead (enables you to connect the frame to a TV), remote control and free 2Gb SD memory card.

432 X 234 screen resolution, viewable display 6.6"
16:10 screen ratio
Supports MS/SD/MMC and USB flash drives
Photo rotate function
LED backlight display

When you are looking for the best frame you can but at this level there are some realistic restrictions you have to think about.

We talk about some of the details of how we do reviews on our other pages such as here at digital photo frame review and where we expose the best digital photo frame that our reviews have turned up.


The first thing is the size of the picture frame at this price point. You will be looking at a digital photo frame of 8 inch screen size or less. This still gives you a useable picture size though. Think about it, there are tablet computers out there with standard 7 inch screens. People are happy to watch movies on screens that size or less and the perceived picture quality is still way more than acceptable. For most people the very high resolution makes no realistic difference.

While you can go all the way down in size to the novelty digital photo frames which may only have 1.5 inch screens and be set in other than traditional surrounds we are looking here at the more usual frames. The standard rectangular, bog standard, plain and simple straight line displays with nothing to detract from the picture on display.

The largest size screen in our budget review comes from the NIX 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame. Motion Sensor turns frame ON/OFF automatically when it senses you nearby. Hi-Res 800 x 600 pixels – X08D latest edition


Like we said above the screen sizes are smaller than the more expensive digital frames. In line with this the resolution will be lower in terms of pixel count. However with the small size screen you are actually packing a lot of pixels into a few inches which gives you a higher ‘relative’ resolution.

That being said the resolutions of the ones on review here vary from 432 x 234 (according to the specs which gives a fairly odd aspect ratio) all the way up to a whopping 800 x 600 which is a defacto standard on some of the larger digital photo frames so is certainly nothing to be sneezed at!

The top end of the resolution for these budget picture frames certainly looks to be this one:


With the best will in the world the features available on budget frames are going to be fewer than those on the more expensive frames. But what exactly do you want? Remember these are replacements for the ‘bad old days’ where a picture frame was a static thing that just showed the one, static picture….always! And did nothing else with it at all.

Even with the very low end of the ones we review here you at least get the option to display more than one picture on the same frame and to easily change these. Some of the picture frames go so far as to give you a handy USB thumb drive that you can use to transfer your pictures from your computer to the picture frame.

However one of the ones in the review offers a truly stupendous list of features for the money:

  • Why bother with the fuss of turning your frame ON or OFF again with a motion sensor!
  • High Quality IPS LED Backlit 800 x 600 pixels Hi Resolution Panel with LED Backlighting (4:3 ratio).
  • Photo, Video (plays MP4 and AVI only), MP3 Music, Auto Rotate Sensor and Split Screen Image Option
  • Full 1yr Warranty, Remote Control, Accepts SD/SDHC Cards, USB Stick / Thumb Drive. Windows PC Compatible only
  • Motion Sensor automatically turns the frame on and off when you enter or leave the room

The picture frame that offers all of these incredible features is the NIX 8 Inch X08D latest edition Are you starting to sense a theme here? A direction we seem to be going in?

And the winner is…

Yep, you guessed it ladies and gentlemen:

However if you are looking for the most affordable of these frames this one fits the bill. Don’t worry, if you don’t like the colour it comes in a variety!