Best WiFi Digital Photo Frame 2018

The Best Digital Picture Frame WiFi 2018

Why would I want a wireless digital photo frame?

That’s a very good question and one we were wondering. Investigating it turns out there is so much more you can do with a digital picture frame with wi-fi than with a normal picture frame (digital we mean!). So, just what is the best wifi digital photo frame? Well read on and let’s see if we can zero in on a good one.

The key thing about the wifi (Wi-Fi if you must!) or wireless digital photo frame is the ability to manage it remotely. This means that not only you, but others as well, can update the pictures or albums from wherever you are. But it’s not just you. Your friends or family, whoever you give the ability can also update the pictures.

So no more waiting till Uncle Albert sends you those pictures of that great Hawaiian holiday, or you see what Fran is doing an university. You can have those all right now in your living room.

Pix-Star FotoConnect XD 10.4" £££4.6
NIX 12 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame X12C£££4.2
eStarling WiFi Digital Photo Frame (8" Frame)££££2.0
Sony DPFA710B 7 Inch LCD Photo Frame££3.5

Different photo frames have got different features but they may include such things as:

  • Being able to share your online albums
  • Remote set up via the web
  • Email addresses and email updates
  • Rotating displays
  • Timed displays
  • Weather reports!!!!

Why would these be of any interest to you? Well think about it, these days many families and friends are spread out all over the world. We are used to communicating with our friends via things like Facebook but not all the people we know will have accounts or log in very often.

Maybe you don’t visit people as often as you would like but you have an elderly relative or friends you would like to share pictures of a special trip with or send photos of a special occasion.

With some of these digital photo frames you can set them up remotely via the web, you can set up email addresses on them to which anyone you give the address to can send a photo. You can send photos to them or link them up to DropBox, Facebook or other digital picture sharing sites.

This means the best wireless digital picture frames in your house or your friends house could be rotating displays keeping everyone updated with what is going on. Much more interesting than a static, dull old school picture frame. Digital picture frame wifi is definitely the way to go!

You can connect your digital picture frame wifi to your home wifi as easily as any other device.

Do I sound like an advocate for these? Heck yes!!! There are a lot of people in my life that I’m not in touch with as much as I would like. How great it would be if they could not just email or phone me but every once in a while send me pictures from there life on my digital photo frame.

Just think about it, when you come in you are never quite sure what or who you are going to see (within reason, obviously not complete strangers just the people you’ve given access to it 🙂 ). This means the pictures are always interesting, always fresh and relevant but you can mix them with the old memories as well.

Just the sense of expectation walking into the room and not knowing if you are going to see just your regular pictures or a digital photo that is going to make you go ‘wow, let me ring right now and find out what was happening there’ or ‘hey, long time no see that one!’ is going to be a real buzz.

At the moment most of the digital picture frames we have seen that have a wifi or internet capability are the smaller range. Around the size of standard photos or a little larger so you’ll also have to decide on just where you want to display them to best advantage.

That being said, wifi digital photo frames? Good stuff and a great addition to any household whether you want them to be modern and digital or whether you value the keeping in touch aspect and seeing people you miss.


Great, where can I get one of these wifi frames?

Amazon (affiliate link) is your best bet as they have a huge range and are one of the most trusted online suppliers of just about anything.

…and, (fanfare and drum roll) as things stand at the moment…

The Best WiFi Digital Photo Frame is…

As at the time of writing this post one of the more popular options is below:

This is a good digital photo frame and if you want wifi then definitely go for this, wireless access on digital picture frames is limited to a small number of them at the moment but this is sure to grow. The sheer versatility and benefits you can get from being able to share access to your picture frame with people who can share with you is going to mean we see a lot more of these in future.

The great thing is that the price of these is so affordable that you don’t have to sit and wait or consider while manufacturers add even more features. It is well worth buying one of these right now. Since they are few in number you can easily wind up picking the best digital picture frame with wifi right now and it will mean that you know the features that are important and can track future releases without missing out.

(Note as affiliates you pay the same great price if you buy from Amazon but we are remunerated for a referral.)

We have to say that it is a definite hands down for the Wi-Fi enabled digital photo frame above. There are not as many wireless picture frames as there are non wireless so you have to consider what is important.

Having decided you want to get the best wifi digital picture frame you can (did we mention the Pix-Star FotoConnect XD 10.4″ Digital Photo Frame – Email – DLNA – WI-FI enabled?)

The simplest thing to do is probably to just share the description of this product from it’s Amazon sales page, this will give you a good idea of what you can get from this picture frame:

“A Digital Photo Frame that is completely configurable remotely from the web! Pix-Star invented the concept of “the frame with an email address” several years ago. Since then it has been the easiest way to share pictures with your family & friends! Anyone who knows the frame’s email address can send pictures directly to the frame as an email attachment from your PC or phone.The frame can also display e-mails. This is the perfect sharing companion when you are on-the-go or away from your family & friends. No monthly fee is required. All you have to do when you receive the product is turn on the frame and ensure it is located within reach of the network you want to connect to. The Wi-Fi network configuration is automatically detected and all you need to know is the network password KEY (if your Wi-Fi network protected). There is no software to install. Once configured the frame works without the need for a computer and can be managed remotely. This simple approach allows friends and family to assist another’s frame who might simply want to look at the photos and not concern themselves with a set up. The frame can display online albums from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Windows Live, Smugmug, Photobucket, Shutterfly, MobileMe, and more with a capacity to show thousands of photos and it will show e-mails!. Using our own website, you can get on-line, assign an e-mail address to the frame and completely manage the frame it, set the language, brightness, power saving mode, how the photos are displayed – everything. We also have a unique built in spam blocker so the frame will not receive unwanted e-mails or photos.”

As you will see from the other wireless digital photo frames there are different approaches to managing a wifi update of your pictures. Some picture frame manufacturers let you manage and update things on the web, others will have you email pictures across. Some give you more than one account that can update the pictures. The best WiFi digital photo frame is bound to be available for you as an online delivery.

Like we said this is great for you especially if you want to keep in touch with loved ones that are far off. Think about it, you can have your phone conversations, your email updates but now you can also have a picture frame that can show you the snaps they took and the things they were doing earlier on, maybe even just minutes ago! How cool is all that!!?

Have a look at just one of the reviews on this wi-fi enabled picture frame, I think this description says it all…

“I was looking for something I could send photos of our new baby to the family on, that would not require any tech know how from them. This proved to be perfect. Once set up on the wifi, …- getting photos to the frame is as easy as an email (just make sure you delete any photos in your email signature as they would show up as well).
seconds to set up, pictures look great, …. I do not hesitate in recommending. ”

That’s a review by Roy Brooke and you can read the rest of it here

Which digital photo frame you want is up to you of course but if you want the best WiFi digital picture frame then at the moment there are only a few contenders. It will be interesting to see how the field plays out as time goes by.

Do check out our other pages for further info such as at The best digital photo frame under 50

So hopefully this gives you help choosing the best WiFi digital photo frame for your needs.

Best WiFi Digital Photo Frame

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