This company is part of the Kondor Limited group. Their website is on

The company is UK based and supplies many innovative digital products such as the photo frames shown here including the Kitvision 7 inch digital photo frame.

They also make a wide range of quality digital imaging accessories. The parent company, Kondor, has recently moved to new purpose built facilities where the building building includes offices, meeting rooms, social areas, a showroom, training area, photographic studio, merchandising space and state-of-the art warehouse facilities.

While Kitvision appears to be a fairly new player in the market place their products are gaining ground well.

The digital picture frame referred to above has received hundreds of comments from Amazon so is obviously a popular one. At the time of writing it’s average rating is a 3.9 out of 5 which is pretty good especially when you consider just how many people have bought it, that many people can’t all be wrong!

On the international stage a search of Kitvision on Amazon’s American site shows that the Kitvision brand digital picture frames also go flying out of the window on a regular basis. The many offerings up on the site are often in short supply with only a few left of each model. Again this can only be a good thing showing an inspiring level of confidence in the manufacturer.

The good thing about digital photo frames and electronics in general is the lack of moving parts means there is not much to go wrong. Also this has become a more mature market these days and the basic parts used to put together electronics are pretty robust and well understood.

Kitvision is in a very good position since a new company does not have the baggage and cultural hangovers of a more established brand. They can afford to innovate and get you the best products they can.

Kitvision Digital Photo Frame

Knowing the brand of your digital photo frame can be one of the best ways in ensuring that you have the right choice for it. In spite the fact that there are top selling brands for digital photo frames out there, you will be given a great experience for seeing pictures yet not all of them can last long. If you want to get the best brand, then it is not bad if you are going to choose one of the best brands now and that is Kitvision.

Since then, Kitvision is one of the leading brand names for every advanced technology and now they are also one of the top selling brands in the market. They have the quality of digital photo frames that will surely take breathe of whom can ever see it. Because of that, there are so many people who have been encouraged to try these digital photo frames by Kitvision. You too can have the chance tp try those digital photo frames by Kitvision and experience by yourself how these can bring happiness into you.

You may always have the best feeling through these digital photo frames by Kitvision. Knowing what it can give to you will surely help you in enjoying this and here are the following features that Kitvision digital photo has:

  • Very stylish digital photo frames with ultimate sharing capacity.
  • Slideshow for pictures or images
  • Can be for watching video clips
  • Can also be used for listening music through inserting memory card or Flash drive.
  • Made from plastic hardware that made it very light and finished with varieties of color for option.
  • Supports JPEG file of images which can be 10 megapixels with its LCD screen for a brighter and clearer result.

Using Kitvision can never make you regret of buying a digital photo frame. Aside from showing your pictures, more fun like listening to music and watching video clips can also be very easy. It doesn’t even matter how picky you are about the color that it has because there are lots of colors to choose from that will surely match to the design of your room. It is not impossible as it has its elegant look that will always match your room.

Kitvision has always been good at all times. Kitvision has also includes stand that makes it easier for setting it in one corner of your table or room. Most people want this brand of digital photo frame as it has all ideal features and functions that everyone can surely enjoy. All people are allowed to try such kind of digital photo frames it is not just good for buying it for you but it is also a good present to someone. Try Kitvision and you can have the time to have fun seeing picture or play music and watch video clips. This all in one digital photo frame is not just an ordinary photo frame but it is the frame that can show you how it can be more fun than the usual photo frames out there.