Nix Picture Frame X12c

Review of the Nix photo frame X12C
Nix X12C Digital picture frame

The Nix Picture Frame X12c is one of the top quality frames on the market. While there is other frames that may be of higher quality for the price it is one of the best models available and has several qualities which make it even more enticing.
First of all the 12” size means that the photos are large for easy viewing. Because it has a high quality display it is also easy to view from every angle of the room regardless of lighting and position.
There are several reasons to use the Nix and there are some cons as well. All in all though it is a very good digital picture frame and anyone who purchases it will be happy.
Below are a list of some of the pros and cons of the Nix.
First the Pros
Auto Sensory is Top Quality – The sensor will automatically turn on when you enter the room and is one of the most attractive features which also helps to conserve power.
High Resolution Images – The resolution is 800×600 which isn’t the highest of resolutions, but for the Nix works well and creates high quality and crystal clear images in most respects. A majority of reviews on the Nix 12’ have been very happy with the quality of the picture.
Large Frame Size of 12” – Very large frame means for easy viewing from anywhere no matter what angle or lighting.
Remote makes it Easy to Control – You can easily adjust aspects like contrast and saturation from anywhere as well as shuffle and look through pictures. There is a handy holder for the remote on the back of the frame as well meaning that you won’t have to worry about losing the remote anymore.
Over 10,000 Photos Can Be Uploaded – Massive storage means you will most likely never have to worry about running out of space and be able to upload all the pictures you currently have and many more.
Now for the Cons –
Colors Can Be Off – According to a few users the pictures don’t always convert well on the Nix, specifically the reds. They can tend to be blurry making the picture look funny.
No Color Balance Available – Unfortunately there is no option to adjust the color as there is for contrast. This means if the colors are off you are out of luck and there isn’t much that you can do.
Images May Need to Be Resized to Fit Properly – Many pictures may have to be resized several times on a computer before you figure out the proper dimensions that will allow them to properly show up on the Nix 12” screen.