Samsung SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame Review

Samsung SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame Review

At the moment, Samsung delivers the best electronic picture frames to the market. You can see a lot of Samsung picture frames that are specifically designed to save your photos in the best possible frames. Samsung SPF-85H 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame holds a prominent place out of them. It can simply be defined as an 8 inch picture frame with a resolution of 800*600 frames. Even though this model does not have Wi-Fi b/g like its predecessor, you can easily load images through the USB memory slot or by using a SD/MS/MMC/XD card reader. Keep on reading this article to learn more about Samsung SPF-85H.

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Samsung SPF-85H is equipped with a wide range of interesting features. These features have played a major role behind its popularity. It has 1GB of internal storage space, which can be used to store few hundred photos with less hassle. The storage capacity is pretty impressive when compared to other wireless picture frames available in the market. Moreover, you have the ability to access Windows Live Cloud Storage Space and display photos directly from there. Or else, you can get access to the Samsung’s Frame Channel, which has over 400 channels. These channels have a good variety including sports, cartoons, news and many more. Therefore, any person who purchase this subscription is guaranteed to have a nice time.
Samsung SPF-85H is more than just a traditional picture frame. The extra functions of it includes a stereo speaker, which you cannot find in many other competitor devices. The internal rechargeable battery has a promising battery life to keep you away from hassle. The entire photo frame weighs just above 1.5lbs. Therefore, you can keep it anywhere you want. You can also find a security lock in this digital photo frame. However, you will have to purchase a cable lock separately.

Samsung SPF-85H comes with an 8” display. It has the potential to view images in a realistic way and keep you away from hassle. This display has a maximum resolution of 800*600 pixels and a brightness of 200. Moreover, its 300:1 contrast ratio has been able to impress customers with a better photo quality. The black colored bezel enhances the display view.

The Samsung SPF-85H digital photo frame can easily be controlled with the touch sensitive buttons that you can see on the screen bezel. Or else, you can use your computer to set the frames or use it like a secondary display. All the controls are provided to your fingertips and you don’t need to go through any unnecessary hassle when accessing them.

All these reasons make the Samsung SPF-85H as one of the best-selling digital photo frames in the market. It is marked at an affordable price and you can think of spending your money to buy a one without any hesitation. They offer a 1 year limited warranty period of labor as well as parts.