Top 5 digital picture frames

Top 5 best selling digital picture frames of 2014

Everyone is abuzz with digital photo frames at the moment. They make great and very welcome gifts. All your friends and family want to keep and share their memories and happy times. What better way to do it than with a couple of digital picture frames? And what better way for you to show you are thinking of them?

Or you may want to just snaffle a couple for yourself! Regardless, here are the ones that are currently the absolute top sellers on Amazon:

Pix-Star FotoConnect XD 10.4" £££4.6
NIX 12 inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame X12C£££4.2
eStarling WiFi Digital Photo Frame (8" Frame)££££2.0
Sony DPFA710B 7 Inch LCD Photo Frame££3.5

We have a detailed post about how to best choose your ideal digital photo frame here where we talk about what goes into a review. This is just what you would be considering when you review a frame too but hopefully we’ve added a few things that will give you an ‘Oh yeah!’ moment.

Don’t forget features such as cloud storage, or WiFi or any of the other great benefits you can get from a modern picture frame (electronic of course). Why display only the one picture when you can have multiple showing and the motion sensor option on some digital picture frames will change the pictures as people enter the room or move by.

With the WiFi you open up the possibility of being able to edit your album or add to it remotely. This means that your friends and family in far off lands also have the opportunity to do this. You can see what they are doing when they choose to share it and you don’t have to wait for snaps to arrive, or be developed, or downloaded and moved from one storage to another. You can just get them uploaded through a web interface.

I’m not coming down on moving from one storage medium to another though, that is also a great thing to be able to do. Take all your snaps from your memory card, USB stick or wherever and with a moments notice have them displayed in pride of place.